Pocket guide of the PRO player

March 28, 2009

If you want to start playing Profurgol and you do not really know what you should do, here are some pieces of advice:

1. Read very carefully the Official Guide and do not hesitate to come back to it whenever you have doubts about something. You will find it down in the left side, in the menu “Profurgol.com” -> “Official Guide”. It is structured in 29 chapters and this makes his reading easier and more pleasant than usual. So, this moment , if you have not read it, you will follow the above link and you will read it, so you can fully understand what I have written below. Arm yourself with patience!
At the same time, on every page of the game there is a menu in upper right called Help; this menu is leading you to the chapter in the Official Guide referring to the content of that page.

2. Do not spend any money until you read the Rules and (eventually) this guide.

3. Name your stadium. First time is going to be free, but if you want to modify it later, it will cost you part of the supporters, as they will leave the club. To avoid such loss, give it a name which will not be change for a long period of time and take care of the spelling mistakes!

4. Promote the 5 youths, but do not replace the coach for now! Depending on the highest skill each youth has, you will select that training, which he will receive every Sunday.

5. A very important moment for your club’s future is the choosing of the training type, which will be done by taking into consideration a few things. First one: you have to understand very well how does the training work in Profurgol, because it is going to be your main income source in the game. Any further details related to the training you can find here: Training. After you have read that information, you have probably understood how does it work and what should you do in the very beginning.
Note: I have not posted the entire explanation here because this is a summary guide and I have decided not to useless burden it.

6. In the first 2 seasons you will have not to think of important performances with your team, as you will make your fortune, which you will spend later on better players. From the initial team, you will select 1 Goalkeeper, 6 defenders(including one substitute), 4 central midfielders and 4 strikers, the best you have (higher the skill, better they are). The other players, if they are below Passable, you will fire them, one by one, and you will not place them on the Transfer List(for the simple reason that it costs)! As far as possible, try to have in team 22 players (including trainable players, of course): 11 as the first team and the 11 represent the reserve team, which you will line-up in friendly matches.

7. Book a friendly match every week and line-up the reserve team. This way, they will keep their form high, in case that a first team player gets injured. The easiest way to get a friendly match is to post on the national or global forum in the “Friendly matches” forum.

8. When you create the line-up, you will use the best players on each position from those you have selected(taking into account their form, which is extremely important). In the very beginning, I advise you to change your standard formation to 4-3-3 with a right/left back towards middle, 3 offensive inner-midfielders and 3 central strikers, because bot and semibot teams will not endanger your defense too much. Using this formation you will manage to overtake their defense and score a few goals. Here is an example of how to line-up your team.

9. Each time you have questions related to the game, visit your National Conference and ask there about the matters you do not know. Also, you may visit the Global English Forum, where you will be able to find a mentoring program. At last, if you consider it better or easier for you, you may give me a PRO-mail in the game (nick: CezarG) and I will help you as much as I can.

10. Good luck!

I wait for your comments and your critics, so I can improve this material.

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If you have read this and if you enjoy this game, I recommend you not to let this pass by you: Official blog of Profurgol, because it contains the interesting story of Profurgol, the reason it was created and what does it purpose.


Training in Profurgol

March 28, 2009

First of all, I inform you that the content of this presentation refers to the way training works in an online manager game called Profurgol. Part of the content of this document is just explaining the information that already exists in the Rules. Of course, there are many fragments where I add information which I happen to know from experience.

I will talk about training from two different points of view: first is the way it works in general and second consists of several pieces of advice about training for the beginners.

I. Training – Presentation

The weekly training in Profurgol consists of 2 parts: the training on Tuesday and the training on Thursday. Each of these two days you will have the possibility to train 5 different players. When it comes to Musculature and Form, you are able to train 5 different players at any of these two during the same training, but all the other types of training set the maximum limit to 3 different players each training.

Your team coach will sign a contract available for 48 weeks. After this period, you will have to negotiate his contract to extend it or buy a new coach if you do not reach an agreement. Your team coach will be able to train players at 2 primary skills (Goalkeeper, Defence, Winger, Creativity, Attack) and one (1) secondary skill (Position, Passes, Unmark, Set pieces). You will only be capable to train your players at one of the skills your team coach knows, plus Musculature and Form, skills that can be trained by any coach.

According to the Rules of the game, a player which is no more than 20 years old will pop a level in 7 or 8 trainings on a primary skill and 3 or 4 trainings when it comes to a secondary skill, most probably calculated with a Passable coach. Of course, these numbers alter very much depending on the coach’s skill, player’s age, character and how “high” or how “trained” is he. This way, it is possible that a player had had received 4 trainings at Attack in his previous team and after you bought him he popped after only 3 trainings. It is not an exception from the general rule of the duration of the training, because the player received the necessary number of trainings to pop, but he received them while playing for two (or more) teams.

The level of your team coach will influence very much the duration of the training. From my own experience, I can tell that the difference between a High Passable coach and the rest of the levels is quite big, that is why I recommend you to buy a team coach with maximum skill on the first occasion. Prices and wages for a first team trainer are(no matter the skills he trains):

– 2,000 € – Low beginner (wage: 1,000 €)

10,000 € – Beginner (wage: 2,000 €)

50,000 € – High beginner (wage: 6,000 €)

250,000 € – Low passable (wage: 15,000 €)

500,000 € – Passable (wage: 30,000€)

1,000,000 € – High passable (wage: 50,000 €)

Initially, you will receive a High beginner coach, so (usually) you will never have a weaker trainer. My recommendation is to replace this one with a Passable (or High Passable if you afford) one when you have the possibility (probably in a few seasons), and not Low Passable, which is the next skill, because the difference is significant.

I will end this part with the special trainings, Attack Combo and Defence Combo. To be able to use them, you will need a trainer specialized on Attack and Unmark, respectively Defence and Position. The special training can only be used on Tuesday and consists of 50-50 training of the primary and the secondary skill. In practice, the difference between training the same player on Tuesday at Attack and on Thursday at Unmark and special trainings is that the risk of injury and the form drop disappear when we refer to special trainings. Of course, the respective player will only receive 50% of each training with combo training and not a full one (100%) of both in the case of different trainings of each skill. Yet, if the player is trained on Thursday on one of those skills he received by Combo training on Tuesday, he will still be predisposed to injuries and / or form drop.

The costs of the youth trainer are the following:

10,000 € – Low beginner (wage 100 – 1000* €)

10,000 – 55,000* € – Beginner (wage 2,000 – 6,000* €)

50,000 – 300,000* € – High beginner (wage 3,000 – 10,000* €)

100,000 – 700,000* € – Low passable (wage 6,000 – 18,000* €)

200,000 – 1,200,000* € – Passable (wage 10,000 – 30,000* €)

350,000 – 2,000,000* € – High passable (wage 16,000 – 40,000* €)

* Prices differ depending on how many player can the youth coach train. The first limit is for 1 player and the second one is for 5 players. The other prices are included in that interval.

II. Training – pieces of advice for beginners

a) Players to train (for short – trainees)

You will choose the type of training depending on your preferences, but on your squad, too.

Buy maximum 8 trainees, with Passable or High Passable skill on the quality you are interested in. They should be no more than 20 years old (as young as possible) and you will train them on their primary skill. Calculate carefully your money, so that you will have enough money for all your 8 players. Initially, you have 300,000€, so it would be wise that the price paid for each of the trainees not to go beyond 40,000€. Pay attention to the limit of 10 foreign players that you are allowed to own! You will not be able to have more than 11 players of other nationality, and if you have 11 in your squad, only 10 of them will have the possibility to receive a number.


If you have chosen a trainer specialized on Attack and Defence, you will buy strikers and defenders to train them, probably 4 of each category, but this proportion may differ. From the total number of players you have to buy for training (8), you will take out the number of players that you can train from the initial team.

What does “player that you can train” mean? Well, if you have players with at least High passable primary skill whose Age is lower than 22 years (even 23 or 24 if he has a primary skill of Low good), than you would save some money if you would consider them when you choose your training type. For example, if you have 2 High Passable strikers of 21 years old, you will only have to buy another 6 trainees. If you also have one High passable defender of no more than 22 years old, the number of trainees you have to buy goes down to 5!

b) The trainer

Initially, you have a High beginner one and you cannot afford a better one, so you will train with him for about 2 seasons.

Then, in the “Technical Secretary”, you will choose the skills of your trainer depending on what I have told you a few rows above. As a secondary skill, I recomand:

– For defenders: Position and Passes;

– For midfielders, wingers and strikers: Passes.

c) The proper training

Train the players you have bought for about 2 seasons or until they reach at least the skill of Good as primary skill. When they reach Good, I recommend you to sell them, because as far as I have noticed, it is the most convenient moment to sell them if we refer to medium-term training. With the money you get by selling the players, you will but a High passable trainer or at least Passable, depending on your budget. Once you sell the first player, you will probably already have enough money to buy a Passable trainer. In addition to this, as you sell your grown trainees, you will buy a youth trainer at least Passable and new players to train, this time at least High passable of 16 – 18 years old.

d) Training for the youth squad

Again, I recommend you to not invest in a new youth coach in the very beginning, just promote your youths and set their type of training depending on their highest main skill. You will train them this way for a while, until you will decide that they are good enough to join the first squad.

Note: If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend you to read this, as well: Pocket guide

By CezarG.

I wait for your comments and your critics, so I can improve this material.

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If you have read this and if you enjoy this game, I recommend you not to let this pass by you: Official blog of Profurgol, because it contains the interesting story of Profurgol, the reason it was created and what does it purpose.